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Complicated UTI Symptoms

  • While urinating, there may be discomfort or burning (dysuria)
  • Greater than typical nighttime urination needs (nocturia)
  • Strong-smelling, hazy, or dark-colored pee
  • Abruptly or more urgently than usual wanting to urinate
  • Higher than average frequency of urination
  • Blood in your urine
  • Lower abdominal ache or back pain that is localized right below the ribs
  • A high temperature or experiencing a heated, shaky sensation

Have a fever- If you touch your child's neck, back, or stomach, they will feel hotter than usual.

Appear ill overall - infants and young toddlers may be cranky and refuse to be fed or fed properly

Herbs that helps for UTI

There are herbal and ayurvedic remedies for urine infection and they are: 

D-mannose - A common simple sugar used to prevent and cure minor UTIs is d-mannose.

Cranberry - Cranberry juice and extracts are among the most popular natural and alternative treatments for UTIs.

Green tea - For millennia, a range of traditional medical procedures have made use of it due to its extensive pharmacological potential.

Parsley tea - Parsley is thought to help flush bacteria that cause UTIs out of the urinary tract due to its moderate diuretic properties.

Chamomile tea - Many different medical maladies, including UTIs, are treated with chamomile tea in herbal therapy.

Ayurvedic remedies for urine infection in male and female

The various ayurvedic medicine for uti are:

Gokshur - This ayurvedic herb is used to treat tissue inflammation, particularly bladder and urinary tract inflammation.

Punarnava - Another herb derived from plants, this one promotes overall body renewal. It can cleanse your blood and lessen infection in the body.

Varunasava - This works as a blood purifier and supports the preservation of homeostasis. Like other diuretics, Varun possesses qualities that aid in boosting urine production.

Guduchi - This common herb is used to treat a variety of common illnesses, including viral fever, the flu, and urinary pain.

Additional Ayurvedic Treatments - Other Ayurvedic treatments for urinary tract infections include chandraprabhavati, varunadikwath, and yashtimadhu.

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common health conditions in the world, especially among women. If not treated on time, it can progress to severe conditions like kidney failure. Ayurveda can prevent UTI problems permanently.


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